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Our Approach

Where the Rubber Hits the Road


Triad understands the business challenges your company faces daily – we’ve been there.  Our analytic solutions are not just cutting edge insurance theory – most are also battle tested real world applications that are competing successfully in the marketplace right now.

Integrated Analytic Solutions:


Triad takes an integrated analytic solutions approach that partners us with your implementation success.  We also recognize that there is a broad spectrum of analytic need present in the industry today.  Accordingly we can assist with any of a wide range of needs:


  • Structuring and building an analytic research database in preparation for comprehensive analysis (including potentially consolidating data across multiple sources/systems)


  • Validating data retroactively and developing potential multivariate lift and cost benefit analyses


  • Identifying optimal implementation solutions that acknowledge client priorities around retention, rate dislocation, profit, growth, cost, and speed to market.


  • Creating tailored implementation solutions ranging from simple but compelling univariate underwriting/pricing matrices to state of the art multivariate modeling


 So whether you have all the analytic sophistication in the world but just lack time, or whether you’re struggling to assemble a basic research data set across three systems, Triad can help.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

We understand that you are unique.  We get that providing you with an optimal analytic solution is as much dependent on understanding your underlying business model as it is on understanding the latest statistical theory.  Each client’s optimal solution can vary based upon the following: 

  • Customer types (i.e. shoppers, policyholders, agents/brokers, functional departments)

  • Customer groups (i.e. preferred, standard, middle market, nonstandard)

  • Channels (i.e. independent agent, captive agent, direct to consumer, and affinity)

  • Resource constraints (i.e. analytic, IT, etc.)

  • Product Lines (PPA, Recreational Vehicle, Motorcycle, Commercial)

 Triad’s experience covers all of these.

More Than Just the Math


We recognize that often the math is just the beginning of a demanding product development process for our clients.  


Our past corporate responsibilities included creating all new product initiatives and pricing structures, setting actuarial reserving policies and procedures, and evaluating and negotiating all analytic vendor products.  As such we know exactly what it takes to sell solutions internally to C-level management; and we’ve led successful implementation efforts that gained consensus across conflicting Claims, Finance, IT, Marketing, and Operations functional priorities.  We also have a wealth of experience implementing solutions in extremely challenged corporate resource environments; environments where speed, simplicity, and cost containment were critical.  In short, we know all too well what is required to overcome the objections, hurdles, and politics that analytic solutions typically encounter in insurance boardrooms.

 Triad can support you every step of the way.

Obtaining Regulatory Approval

Our solutions are built to pass regulatory muster and with our support many have been successfully filed and approved in one form or another in just about every state in the union.   We have experience navigating the regulatory nuances and hurdles that accompany challenging insurance markets such as California, Florida, Michigan, New York, and North Carolina to name just a few.  

 So what does all of this mean to you?   Fewer surprises and worries, less consultant cost, more revenue, and ultimately greater speed to market as well. 



Both Art and Science

Yes, Triad personnel are some of the best in the business quantitatively, but we’re not just left brainers.  Triad’s strategic experience enables us to quickly ascertain which assumptions, intuitive rationales, and business priorities are critical to an initiative’s success.  It’s no coincidence that often the best solutions incorporate the most innovative thought as well. 


Triad knows that asking the right questions on the front end can make the difference between an average success and an optimal success on the back end.

At the End of the Day

Triad absolutely understands that our success is predicated on your personal success.  We know that by making the choice to partner with Triad you have to some degree linked your credibility to our credibility.  We take that responsibility very seriously and to that end Triad is absolutely committed to pursuing excellence on your behalf.  We have also found that conducting business with a sense of professional ethics and integrity has served our clients well.


We believe this makes long term business relationships.

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