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CEO’s and Product/Pricing VP’s 

  • Analytic Health Check- Evaluate your key analytic capabilities compared to the industry

    • Competitive Intelligence​

    • Product Development

    • GLM and Statistical Modeling

  • Analytic Vendor Management

    • ​Applying intelligent modeling to optimize data ordering

    • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor and their products

    • Renegotiating contracts and terms

  • Strategic Planning

  • Building the Analytically Driven Organization

Product Development and Pricing

  1. Pricing Sophistication

    • Generalized Linear Modeling

    • Building Proprietary Customized Models- Credit, Symbols, Vehicle History

    • Customer Lifetime Value

    • Competitor Rate Modeling

    • Product Life Cycle and Management

    • Rate Revisions and Support

  2. Innovative Product Development

    • Incorporate Retention along with Acquisition Cost into rating​

    • Intelligently adding elasticity into rating to balance customer satisfaction, profit, and growth 

    • Building a Strategic product that aligns with the organization

    • Developing numerous other loss cost segmentation strategies.

  3. Filing Support

It's all about the DATA 

  1. Intelligent Underwriting

    • Proof/MVR Modeling​

    • Rate Pursuit

    • Rate Stability

  2. Building an Analytic Research Database

    • Consolidate, clean and structure data​ that makes it actionable

    • Quickly and accurately determine lift associated with rating variables

    • Appending 3rd party data for validation.

    • Create new variables

    • Build flexible ad hoc reporting capabilities

  3. Modeling Workbench

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